My journey just started to become a entrepreneur

My name is Vasudevan. After spending 20 years in the IT industry, the time has arrived to evolve further and enter into a new version say VASUDEVAN 2.0. I had done my engineering in electronics and certified in project management and Cisco networking. I handled service delivery for more than 10 years and involved with many IT Network infrastructure projects. I was lucky that I got opportunities to work with many global IT and networking companies and the roles I handled, contributed immensely to my personal and technical growth.

While working for major companies, I neither dared to think of starting my own business nor felt empowered. When I resigned from my last company, I was not sure about the next step. My gut feeling kept telling me to start my own business even if it is too small. While Corona pandemic and other personal issues prevent me from staying away from home or trying another corporate job but the economical situation was forcing me to get any job around my house that would help me to run the house and pay back my liability.

In this article, I will be talking about My experience with the Digital Deepak internship program. This program really helped boost my confidence and learn how to think outside the box. Hope this article would help people to select the right course on Digital Marketing which is innovative and refreshing.

Why should you Learn Digital Marketing?

“How come you think of starting  a business at this age?” One day my wife asked me. She could not imagine doing any business. I told her that I could start a small one with help of the new skill I am learning – digital marketing. Till a few months back, I was not aware of what digital marketing is about. One day while browsing, I found one ad on Facebook on  Digital Deepak’s free Digital Marketing course. Since it was free, without a second thought I signed up and attended the video course. The course really changed my thinking completely.  I wanted to explore more on it thinking that this skill would definitely help me to start my own business one day. I  then started attending all DD`s (Digital Deepak)  free webinars and even subscribe to his  100 email course on lead generation. Since I was in hurry, I joined their internship course in August this year.

Learning Digital Marketing really opening up new opportunities for me.  I started getting small but exciting jobs. Yes, that is right. it would definitely take time to establish as a digital marketer or content writer. You won’t get business immediately after you start applying it. But you can definitely help others with the tools you learned who doing small business, like advertising on Google and Facebook, writing content for others, help them to set up their own website or designing their small site. Opportunities are many.

If  I did not attend the internship program, then  I would have to travel to the nearest city for a job and would be working for an IT supporting company – the same usually work. You need to explore. So what do you think? Is it worth investing time and energy and money in learning Digital Marketing?

How does learning digital marketing help you to transform?

Before attending the internship program  I was not all comfortable with writing. I hated writing. But even after the first 4 weeks in the internship, I started writing.  Most of the time I could write blogs of more than 100o words! Magic right? I never imaged such a change in my life. Now  I can dare to think of writing a 5000-word blog and even dreaming about writing an ebook. It has empowered me and brought changes in my life.

In my opinion, people should know the basics of digital marketing especially the people who do small business. It gives them more power to target the right market at an affordable cost. The power of Facebook /good ads is immense. With the power of Google and Facebook ads, you can target any section of the people around the world with less spending. . It provides a lot of flexibility while setting up your ad. It allows you to create a custom audience that allows targeting people based on their demographic and psychographic data.

Quality content is the heart of your lead generation.  You can use social media posts or paid ads to drive the audience to your content via the landing page.  Digital marketing helps you to generate high-quality leads and provide your tools to nurture leads which eventually leads to sales. Mail Automation is another important tool in digital marketing which allow you to categorize your leads and send a personalized email to them to serve their need better. I never imagined that I  would become a marketing person in my life. I never had such skill, but digital marketing helped me to do marketing with its tool.

Digital marketing is here to stay

Marketing and Sales have been around for 100s of years and will be there for 100s of years. Every business that sells a product or service needs marketing and sales. Digital marketing is not different from marketing. Digital is just the new medium. Marketing used to happen via TV, Radio, Newspapers, and Magazines. We now call traditional marketing because now the medium has changed. Digital channels and digital devices are what people pay attention to and businesses have to shift to digital to reach customers. Digital Marketing is just an evolved form of marketing, not a different method of marketing. In the long run, TV, Newspapers, Radio, and Magazines will not exist. They will be
replaced by blogs, online videos, podcasts, and newsletters.

You can be a painter, philanthropist, musician, politician, or anything. Digital Marketing will help you spread your work. You can be skilled in anything and digital marketing will help you get a job, get freelancing clients, get students, and help grow your business. The best known will always beat the best. And one of the most surprising things for me is that though the Digital Marketing skill can help you a lot in so many areas of your professional life, it is not taught in colleges. It is not taught in schools. There are no good books or courses about it. And that’s probably because no one understands it in a holistic way. And the topic is always dynamic and it is always changing. Marketing and personal branding are not easy topics and those who have cracked it are busy making money with it, not teaching it. Because applying marketing
methods in the right way and growing the business is far more profitable than teaching it. And teaching it for free and giving all the money back like this internship program! That’s something only Digital Deepak can do.

Digital Deepak

Digital Deepak (DD)  is a Training and consulting firm own by Deepak Kanakaraju in Banglore, providing a range of courses on digital marketing from free digital marketing courses to 100 lead generation Email courses, Internship on digital marketing to the Digital Marketing club. They follow a holistic way to teach digital marketing and the course is very specific & effective. As I mentioned earlier, weekly webinars on different aspects of digital marketing are conducted on regular basis and you get invites after you attend the free course. The  100-day email is a lead generation email course in which the participant will receive 100 emails on lead generation. Check out his top article and what people said about his blog here.

Why  Digital Deepak?

Digital Deepak provides an internship program in digital marketing that pays you while you learning. Amazing isn’t it? in this program, you get trained in such a way that you will get hands-on experience in all the aspects of digital marketing. The program helps you to identify your own niche, on which you can focus later. Digital Deepak adopted a different approach to teaching digital marketing. The program accepts your course fee as a security deposit but give it back to you only when you complete the assignments. This is just like rewarding the best students with scholarships but in reverse. We could call this a reverse scholarship. You prove your merit at the end of the program, not at the beginning of the program.

Digital Marketing  Internship program


In one of the free webinars, when Deepak was talking about his internship program  I never thought that  I would be part of this program. In August 2020, I  joined the 5th batch of DD`s internship. Once you paid the one time charge, You will get a welcome email, which also contains other details. Have you heard about any course which pays you back while you learning? In this course, DD will pay back the entire amount you paid when you joined the program. You will also get many bonus course.  This is a video-based course and its duration is 3 months plus a few bonus weeks. There will be a Q&A session that would help you complete the assignment. It covers all aspects of digital marketing. You can specialize in any one topic after you complete this internship.

The first 12-weeks of the Internship program is focused on learning digital marketing. The last 4-weeks of the Internship program is focused on monetizing digital marketing skills. There are 4 major ways to monetize your digital marketing skills.

  1.  Build  your own  personal brand and get business by handling their digital marketing works
  2. Start Blogger and affiliate other vendor products.
  3. you could get freelancing
  4.  You get paid for being  Digital Mentor

Structure of the DD`s Internship  Program

Are you searching for best Digital... - DigitalDeepak Internships | Facebook

The internship program is designed in a way that you feel gets experienced by working. In each Mondy, a new lesson would be released in the Learning Management System along with an assessment sheet. The next day, an assessment video will be released which will guide how to complete the assessment. Each Thursday, there will a  Q&A session that will guide you further to complete the assessment sheet for that week. If you have any questions before complete the assignments, you can attend this session and get clarified. If you cannot attend the session, the recording of it will be provided to you. If your assignment gets rejected, you will be able to submit the assignment again. Once  the  week’s lesson is released, you will get  7 days to complete the assignment and submit the completed assessment

The program is divided into 16 weeks. The first 12 weeks are going to be core skills. It starts with a lesson called success mindset which sets the tone for the course.  In Week 2, you will learn about marketing and branding fundamentals and then 10 core digital marketing lessons would follow. In the last 4 weeks, you will learn about how you can monetize your digital marketing skills.

My experience in Digital Deepak as an intern

I joined the DD internship program in Aug 2020. The welcome letter revealed more about the course and reiterate what you can expect from the program. It gives a clear idea about the course structure and the terms related to money payback. The course contains 12 assignments + 4 Bonus assignments. Every week, one assignment released in LMS (Learning management system ). You would get one week’s time to complete and submit for each assignment. The duration could vary if there is an external dependency.

Digital Deepak adopts a  holistic way of teaching, which would help to focus on worthy stuff in your life. The whole course is designed to make you feel experienced in digital marketing even after 4 years and give you a lot of confidence to handle it alone. The first lesson was focused on mindset, the right mindset which is needed for a marketer.  The next two lessons would help you to find your niche for your digital marketing  /entrepreneur journey. Listen to the first lesson itself provide you satisfaction. I  thought  ‘pisa vasulogaya’.

The most exciting assignment for me was the 4th week, where I had to set up our own WordPress site around my niche. In that session, you have to purchase your own domain /site and install WordPress software. It enables a strong online presence for you. I never thought of my own blogging site before joining the course. You would feel that this site will open many options for you. In the next few lessons, you would learn about google / Facebook ads and the creation of the landing page. Last week, I have a complete SEO assignment and it was an interesting one, This week is one of the most challenging weeks in this internship program, We learned about mail automation. We used the Zapier tool to implement automation. It is a bit challenging but same time interesting. To my knowledge, no training would cover the Zapier this much deep.

Every Monday, I eagerly waited for a new assignment to be released in LMS. This week, I entered to 10th  assignment week, I had completed all the previous assignments. As each week pass, I feel more empowered. I have learned many tools and acquired knowledge about digital marketing. With the power of digital marketing, now feel I can target any part of the world with ads. . Only a few assignments where there was some external dependency were challenging. In the 10th week, we will learn SEO, which is the main and interesting one in digital marketing.

In the last few weeks, I was busy working on the weekly assignment and really enjoyed it. It made me think out of the box. Now I understand the issue with a corporate job. Last 20 years, I did many corporate jobs. I enjoyed my job. But corporate jobs have few negative sides.  My visibility was narrow and you won’t ever get a complete picture. In the process-based company, for me, all work is like normal routine work, with no big challenge. I felt that a process-based workflow system is good for the organization and its customer but might not be the best option for its employees.

Why Digital Deepak`s Internship stay top in the chart.

Digital Deepak Internship
Join DD Internship & Get Paid to Learn


Have you ever heard of a course that pays you for learning? No. right?  Digital Deepak brings innovations to the online training business. Once you become part of the Digital Deepak internship course, you will be paid back the entire security deposit. But there is one condition. The condition for the payback is that you need to complete and submit the weekly assignments on time. This would ensure that participants would put their efforts to complete the weekly assignment and encourage them to learn each lesson thoroughly. That is the USP of the training.

Another highlight of this course is the amazing  Support Team they have. The amazing support would ensure maximum takeaway for their participant from each lesson. They are empathic and guide you to complete each assignment on time. A telegram group created for each batch which enables a platform for collaboration and acts as another layer of support to complete the assignment. All these support layers help us to complete it without any hardship. Whereas the main explanation video is broad, the  QA session is specific to the assignment questions for the week.

Another advantage of the DD internship course is that it is evolving over time. As you understood, In this course, you will learn digital marketing by doing assignment work. The latest information is kept on added to the main course. The initial batches had limited scope as compare to the newer batches.

How to apply for the Digital Deepak internship

You can also be part of the Digital Deepak internship program. Click HERE to apply. Please join and get transformed!


Hope this article is informative for you. If you have any questions please leave a message. Check my video here


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