How to choose a career for yourself?


Did you face any challenges to choose the right career for yourself? Does select the right business is a challenge for you?

Choosing the right career or business is the most important decision you might make in your life.  For many peoples, choosing the right business is a challenge. Even educated people make the wrong career decision in their life. In my life, I have seen many parents, who are struggling to find the right stream in school for their kids.

   I don’t think many of us pay any attention when choosing a career or business niche. Many people follow the flow and could end in an unsuccessful career.

 Some people choose their careers based on their own intuition, not based on facts. This blog is an endeavor to shed some light on the various tools we can use to help the peoples. This blog is based on my understanding of people’s requirements and 20 years of professional experience. Sometimes these tools may not suitable for specific situations.

Choosing Right Career 

How to choose a career? Before that, you need to understand the purpose of life. For many people, the main objective of life is to live a longer life with all pleasant experiences and happiness.

The purpose of life could vary from person to person, it also changes throughout your life. But for a happy life, your life purpose should be based on your contribution to this world. If you contribute more, the happier you become.

Cost of choosing the wrong career 

If you are aware of the real cost of staying in the wrong job or career, then you may likely to take the risk and attempt something to change your career or try something new. Here are some of the hidden costs of staying at a job where you are unhappy.

  1. Increased  stress 
  2. Low energy 
  3. Low productivity 
  4. Low confidernace 
  5. Damaged relationship  

In such a situation, you would ask ‘what is the right career for me’

Personality  Analysis

 Understanding your own personality traits would help you to plan for a career or businessLike Aristotle, the Greek Philosopher said,  the greatest victory is not fought against people but winning against self.

 Check out the below site to understand human personality styles. It defines 16 personality types, this categorization is based on  5 personality aspects such as Mind, Energy, Nature, Tactics & Identity.

Niche Selection for your business.

What is skill Niche?

  A niche is the area of your expertise where you know what to specialize in. Niche selection is very important to start a profitable business. Most online companies select a broad niche and then focus on a narrow niche.  Below Niche selection diagram would help us to identify the right niche for you.  

Niche Selection 

The passion will give satisfaction but won’t solve people’s problems. Companies would pay you your talent, not for its hobby. And you should choose a niche which is wanted in the market.

Your talent is growing through work if your passion, talent, and market requirement meet at a single point and that should be your chosen career.


Ikigai is another tool that could help you in selecting the right career or the right business. IKIGAI is the philosophy for a happy life for the  People in Japan who have lengthy life compare to people from other countries. The average life expectancy is highest there in Japan. IKIGAI is the tool used by Japanese people for a happy life. The same tool could be used to select the right career by finding your IKIHAI. If you can find pleasure and satisfaction in what you do (hobbies) and if you’re good at it(Tallents), then it is your IKIHAI. 

This process suggests If you find the change is difficult, then try adding some new things to your life: new friends, hobbies, or a side job. Find things which are adding purpose to your life. You can find your IHIHAI by asking the below questions yourself

  • Do you love doing it?
  • Does the world need it?
  • Are you good at doing?
  • Do you get paid for doing it?

 Business Career 

A business should solve people’s problems, else it won’t last a long time. Business with bad interest my success initially, but later it is bound to fail.

It’s essential that everybody who starts a business understand their area of expertise. This means you need to know the niche in which you are working.

 Within the area you choose, it is possible to determine micro-niches, which are specific areas from a general one and would help you make better business. Once select the right business, then set your goal in your business, both long-term, and short team.

Creating your OWN business

A startup creation process could go through the below phases.    

Learn – Acquiring a new skill is the first step in brand building. e g. You can learn digital Marketing from Digital Deepak by attending the Video resources.

Work – Work with a company where you get the right experience or as a freelancer, to understand more about the newly acquired skill through working.

Blog  – After you got enough experience, you can start writing a blog. Identify your Niche and start to write a blog around your Niche. You can improve your skill over time.

Consult – Once you gather enough experience from Blog and your work, you can start to provide consultancy service to your customer. It’s one to one interaction.

Mentor – in this stage, you can work as a Mentor to others who want to pursue a carrier in digital Marketing. It will be one too many interactions

Startup – in this stage, Put all your experiment and knowledge to start your own business. you can still continue blogging /consulting /Mentoring.

Ther are many benefits and falls associated with personal branding. The downside is it is not either be sold or invested. The upside is he can rise his influence and become the brand ambassador.

In the initial phase, the personal band is bigger than the company, but later the company brand would become bigger.

Career and spiritually         

Get spiritually grounded. Spiritually is nothing to do with would help you to focus on your daily activities, your carrier. Since it gives a sense of a bigger purpose of life which helps to increase productivity as it relieves from dependencies on the material. Being a  slow-cost physiological solution, spirituality help to cope with challenges in your life.

Pay attention to your focus 

We all know that time is the most valuable resource, But peoples start to recognize one’s focus is the most valuable asset. Investing focus and resources make people take a thoughtful decision 


Hope this article was informative for you. If you have any questions/suggestions, please leave a comment below.

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