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Are you struggling to express your thought in front of an Audience?  Do you feel Discomfortable while talking to a bunch of people on an online video call? Do you find it is difficult to climb the corporate ladder due to a lack of communication?  Believe me, You are not alone. Most people face such issues either in their school or in their workplace, or in other social situations.

I still have these same issues while communicating with a larger audience. I still find it difficult to find suitable words while talking, especially to a larger audience. When  English is not your native language, it is natural that such issues could happen in a social environment.  I know even many of my friends have this issue.

In this article, we talk about how NETRISHI  new initiatives going to help people to improve their communications. The focus is on online video communication and this course allows them to join a  weekly video bridge. As part of this program, People get ample opportunities to talk in a video call and seek feedback or suggestion from other attendance about his /her performance. Unlike other training, this provides a framework and participant has to learn in a collaborative manner. It also talks about the structure of the program and its ground rules.

This free course is being designed for a specific set of people who are non-native English speakers-the people who wanted to improve their English communication. Planning to starts it locally first and later expands to other places if people find it useful.


Mastering Communicaiton@NETRISHI


Why I created this FREE Course


I have 20 years of experience in IT and it took 10 years times to elevate myself to talk to my customer in the way I expect. This is a common issue for the people especially those who come from state media schools. There is no solution available, a solution useful to a large section of the people. For example, the engineer or computer students are good technically but compare with students from metro cities, their communication skills might need improvement. Else, they will be struggling for the entire career, and climbing the corporate will be the hardest. The objective of this program is to help people to find a solution to this problem and improve themselves. Even it has helped a single person, I would be happy.


The objective of this Free Course

The main objective of this course is to provide a framework for the people especially from remote locations where access to such courses is not available, to improve their communication.NETRISHI will create a framework structure, in which people would get an atmosphere to work voluntarily and improve their communication. It is a self-help program that would be conducted in a collaborative way.  Weekly assignments will be provided to participants and they need to complete the tasks in one week or by the next class. It will be more of a holistic approach to becoming more effective.



Targeted Audience


Initially, we will involve the local Audience like your friend’s relative who is interested to be part of this program. Once it is evolved more than it will be expanded further to reach more people. If we find people who start to get benefited, we can move further to the next level.  My dream is to teach this course to every corner of this country.




The Structure of the Program


This course is designed for improving your online video communication. The course structure is not yet developed completely. Only the basic framework is created so far.  It will be evolved further over time by incorporating the right feedback and suggestion from you. The meeting duration will be flexible and we would start at 1-2 am on  Sunday. Participant  may get assignments  for each week, and some of the activities that came quickly into my mind  include :

  • A Welcome  Speech- A participant will be assigned to open the weekly call.
  • Meeting Moderator – He /She will moderate this event further till the end of the call.
  • Guest  Introduction-Newly joined members can use this slot to introduce themselves.
  • Prepared speech for 5-10 minutes -Need to give a speech on any topic that adds value to the audience.
  • Feedback of the prepared speech by an assigned Evaluator
  • Create social media Account on Twitter etc
  • PPT Presentation-Create few slide and present to the Audience.
  • Other Feedback from Participants- Participants can use this slot to give their feedback or suggestions.
  • Guest Feedback-Feedback from newly joined members
  • Agenda for next week- Prepare agenda for next week -Assign participant for Prepared speech, Moderator for next week.
  • Closing  the weekly speech -a Vote of thanks

The new item will be added based on the participant feedback and the maximum team size will be 20 participants, New team will be created whenever the team size exceeds the limit.


Ground Rule


The structure of this program design enables teamwork. In this program,  we will lift each other. But, no sarcastic comments if things do not go according to your wish, are not allowed. Be helpful to others, and do not hesitate to ask for help from others. Help us to make the program better. We are doing a team effort here to find a better solution for a problem, which is a burning issue among youth by upgrading yourself to a better communicator. The success of the course depends on the team, not just me. We need to lift ourselves and same time need to lift others too. As you understand now, this is an endeavor to help people to make improvements in their communication to become successful in their career. This model is never tested before. we need to test and find if it’s working for us. If a change to required to the current structure, we can do it after careful analysis.


Since this is an online training, there should have some control to make it effective, hence maximizing the benefits. I have initiated this since I am committed to a noble cause of lifting people from their current communication level to a better state. Don’t become the mentor and start giving advice to others. When you become part of a program like this, there will be a structure that you need to follow. But as I mentioned earlier in the post, the structure of the program could be changed based on positive feedbacks from you. Trust is paramount here.


If anyone is engaged in any disrespectful behavior in the weekly call or in the chat window, they will be removed from the group. Constructive feedback is always welcome but slandering, trolling, etc is not accepted.

Develop Your Career around your niche

In a digital world, one would go through the below five phases while you are evolved into an entrepreneur(

  • Learn – You learn the  skill  you want
  • Work – Work as an employee or a freelancer to get more knowledge in that skill area.
  • Consult -After a few years, you can work as a consultant  like 1 to 1 consultant
  • Mentor At this stage, you give provide service to a Team
  • The startup, you can scale service you can start your own business.


Hope this article is informative for you. If you have any questions or want to be part of this free training program, please leave a message with your email id in the comment box. You can also join our Facebook group –




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